About Casey Gillespie

“I wish someone would just tell me which spas to go to and which products to buy.”

This is how Spa Whisperer was born. I was living in London at the time and on this particular morning, I was having breakfast with a friend from Paris. She was effortlessly glamorous in that way that only French women can be. I thought, If she, of all people, needs beauty advice — what hope is there for the rest of us? But then I realized, I am that someone.

My endless quest for beauty knowledge comes firstly from an obsession with all things that make us feel good about ourselves. But it has also been my career for the past 17 years. I have been editor-in-chief of magazines in NYC, London and San Diego covering all things fashion, beauty, travel and luxury. I have traveled across the globe researching trends, interviewing industry experts and investigating spa and beauty brands and the amazing people behind them. However, I finally began to understand the important role that spas play in our well-being when I became an integrative health coach. Spas are the self-care mothership.

I want to share what I have learned — and what I am still learning everyday — with you. I don’t necessarily want to tell you where to go and what to buy, but I will help you make more informed decisions about both. My promise to you is that my content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliate partnerships or brands.

Do you have a burning beauty question you want me to get to the bottom of? Or a spa you’ve been dying to know more about? Send it my way.




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