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The Facial You Can’t Go Another Day Without

best facial in san diego

I’m reluctant to say this because I know how these things go — but I have found one of San Diego’s best facialists (now I’ll never be able to get another appointment). I say this with absolute certainty. Contrary to popular belief, and unlike pizza, all facials are not good facials. Out of the hundred or so that I have had over the years, there have been some absolute stinkers (the stories I could tell), but there have also been a handful that really stand out. Rania and her magical hands are on this list. Let me talk you through it.

Getting to my early afternoon appointment was challenging. A true city (read: public transport) girl at heart, driving in angsty Friday afternoon traffic is one of my least favorite things. It is those exact moments that make me nostalgic for the grimy New York subway. But I was willing to brave it all in hopes of meeting the one facialist who could bring my dull, neglected skin back to life.

I finally park my car in the underground garage and memorize the exact number of turns, flights of stairs and precisely which escalators lead me to the front door of the Bellage Cosmetics located at Timeless Age-Defying Laser Clinic. Still slightly nervous that I may never again find the parking garage door I emerged from (or my car for that matter), I am greeted with a warm smile from the receptionist. I explain that I have an appointment and before I can sit down with the pre-appointment paperwork, Rania glides in, takes the clipboard from me and sweeps me up in what I can only describe as one of the best facial experiences I have had in years.

As we walk to the treatment room, the first thing that strikes me is how genuinely warm and kind Rania is. The second thing I notice is how agelessly flawless her skin is. I take these as very good signs. A quick chat later, Rania disappears and I disrobe and climb into the cozy treatment bed. Before long, Rania has thoroughly cleansed my skin, done an assessment and created a bespoke plan for my treatment.

best facial in san diego

As a beauty obsessive, I hate to admit this — but it had been a year since my last facial. And in all honesty, I was expecting her to pull out something akin to an electric sander to exfoliate my skin. Instead, Rania applied the most delicious smelling pumpkin enzyme peel, followed by a touch of microdermabrasion, an oxygen booster and even some light therapy. And to finish off, a few minutes with the micro-current wands. It was the perfect combination of technology and healing touch.

What makes Rania and her facials a step above is her unique blend of products (she uses her favorites from a few different lines), innovative therapies and how carefully and thoroughly she massages. Each treatment is truly bespoke and she gives your skin exactly what it needs at that moment. This is precisely the type of facial a change of seasons or a big event calls for. When I left, even I could tell my skin was glowing.

As I climbed back into my car, the traffic that lay ahead of me was the furthest thing from my mind. In fact, as I sat in standstill traffic for half of an hour all I could think about was how good I felt. At one point, I looked to my left and there was a man staring at me awkwardly. We briefly made eye contact and he creepily mouthed, you look gorgeous. I took that as confirmation that Rania and her magical hands left me looking as refreshed and revived as I felt.


Placenta Stem Cell Re-Contouring Facial
45 min – 1 hour
$250 – $350 (dependant on what the skin needs)


best facial in san diego


To book an appointment with Rania
call (858) 525-5819

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