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What No One Tells You About Facial Asymmetry, Part 1

We are taught from the time we are born that symmetrical faces are beautiful faces. But what Hollywood and fashion magazines fail to mention is that, no matter how symmetrical our faces are when we are in our twenties, as we age the natural symmetry begins to fade. The reality is that the bones in our face change shape, the soft tissue shifts, we lose volume and factors such as sun damage and air pollution can cause sagging. I realize that this is not good news.

However, here is a truth bomb that might make you feel a little better: Facial asymmetry is the norm, not the exception. No one’s body is symmetrical; it’s just not the way Mother Nature works. The breakdown in volume and elasticity can happen at any time (or not happen at all, lucky buggers), but as we approach 40 this is the time when many women start to notice it.

Facial asymmetry is the norm, not the exception

What do we do? Well firstly, if you have noticed a serious and rapid change in the shape of your face go see your doctor, there could be something going on medically. If one side of your face looks like it lifts kettlebells while the other side is going the way of saggy-bottom mom jeans, there are at-home steps you can take.

While dermal fillers and botox might seem like the obvious answer, neurology guru, Z Health practitioner and Death of the Desk co-owner Missy Bunch has other ideas. After one short consultation and a little experiment with something she calls nerve flossing, I became a convert.

Missy was kind enough to make this little video for us, so turn up the volume and prepare to be enlightened.



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Have you experienced a shift in the symmetry of your face? What did you do? Let us know what you think about Missy’s exercises in the comments below as well!



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