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Is Adding Crystals To Your Water the Next Big Thing in Wellness?

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Gem-Water bottles popped up in my Instagram feed about a month ago and I haven’t been able to get them off my mind since. It combines my obsession with hydration, my newfound fascination with crystals and my eternal desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. What more could a girl ask for?

A natural skeptic, I have never believed in the power of crystals. Convinced that they were the stuff of teenagers and cheap tourist shops, I simply dismissed them. And then I was at Four Moons spa and came across a beautiful heart-shaped rose quartz I couldn’t take my eyes off of — and down the rabbit hole I went.

Before I wax poetic about my love for Gem-Water bottles, let’s be clear — our fascination with crystals certainly isn’t anything new. Crystals played a huge role in ancient Roman, Greek, Chinese, Indian, Japanese and Egyptian cultures. Cleopatra ground down lapis lazuli for eyeshadow and the Greeks rubbed crushed hematite on their bodies before battle. The Chinese were known to use crystal-dipped needles for acupuncture.

But it isn’t just a practice used by traditional cultures, the use of crystals is alive and well in modern culture. Quartz is used to power digital watches, and LCD — Liquid Crystal Display — is used in everything from our TVs and smartphones to digital cameras. So, what effect do crystals have on water? I’m glad you asked.


After some digging, I found the research. And it’s pretty compelling. In a nutshell, it restores water’s crystal structure to be almost identical to pure spring water. And who better to give us a lesson on crystals than Gem Water’s founder, Anjanette Dienne Sinesio? Here’s what she had to say.


How and when did you discover Vitajuwel?
I discovered VitaJuwel at a wellness center a little over a year ago. I was immediately attracted to their beauty, but then tasted the water and knew this was something special. I texted my husband right away: “I know this sounds crazy, but I have found something I have to share with the world.” So, I tracked down the German owners of the company to buy and test the products and the rest is history! I launched and sell directly on my site and wholesale as well. There are now more than 150 stores and spas that carry the products.


Have you always worked with crystals?
I’ve been in the jewelry industry 22 years and have been around gems and crystals for most of my adult life, so, yes, I guess I have always worked with them in some capacity. My first fascination with crystals was when I was about eight years old and I was visiting my dad in San Francisco. My parents were divorced and we had moved back to New Jersey, but every year, my mom would send me to visit my dad. On one of the visits, I decided I wanted to bring a gift back for my mom, so we went shopping and I saw this gorgeous amethyst geode and knew that’s what I had to get her. I was enthralled with it. That’s my earliest memory of being really drawn to the energy and beauty of crystals. In 2006, I started my own line of jewelry called Diamond in the Rough with two partners, which launched at Bergdorf Goodman then Neiman’s, SAKS, and stores all over the world. What was so special about my jewelry is that I worked with the raw material, the rough diamond, so every piece of jewelry I designed had diamonds in their 100% natural diamond crystal shape. Their untouched energy is very powerful to me. My engagement ring is, of course, a rough diamond and is always on me. I’m also VERY excited to share that right now I’m working on launching a new line of crystal jewelry and just got back from the Tucson gem show, so you’ll have to stay tuned for that soon!



Aside from the gorgeous Gem-Water bottles, how have crystals made a difference in your life?
In so many beautiful ways. I could go on and on. I use crystals on my skin to rub in oils, I drink in their beautiful energy in my water bottle every single day and notice a huge difference in my skin and hair. When I don’t drink enough of my water, I feel tired and get headaches. I carry them with me in my bag, they’re sitting on my desk and I use them as decor all over my house. The stones I carry and surround myself with vary depending on what I feel I need at the moment. I’ve been massaged with crystals and treated with crystals. And as jewelry, to give and receive them have marked so many beautiful moments in my life.


I have read that some crystals require cleansing — do you recommend this with the water bottles as well?
So amazing you asked that because right now I’m actually making California White Sage bundles for people to cleanse their bottles. They’ll be available in the next few weeks on my site. I feel people should do what they feel comfortable with, and I personally use sage to cleanse my stones, my bottles and overall energy in my home. I suggest for people who want to cleanse to use sage. Set an intention to let go of any negative energy then open a window and invite that energy to leave.


Can you briefly explain what it means for crystals to have frequencies?
I’ll try to make this simple. Everything is made of energy and vibrational frequencies. Crystals vibrate at different frequencies depending on their matter, size, thickness and color. An example I like to use is a quartz watch. The quartz crystal oscillates at a very precise frequency: exactly 32,768 times each second. In a watch, the circuit counts the number of vibrations and, long story short, these pulses can either power an LCD display or drive the small electric motor to turn the gear wheels that spin the clock’s second, minute and hour hands.


When choosing a Gem-Water bottle, should you buy the one you are immediately drawn to or study the crystals and meanings and choose that way?
There is no wrong way to choose!

gem-waterDo you have any favorite crystals?
The rough diamond has always been my favorite. I feel extremely connected to it. I also love that it comes from the Greek “adamas,” which means unconquerable. I love this thought that I will get through whatever comes my way, it’s like my little mantra.


If someone is interested in crystals but has no experience, where should they start?
There are so many great resources out there. Michael Geinger has a myriad of great books. The Smithsonian Rock and Gem book is fantastic. I have Love is in the Earth by Melody that I refer to often. My dear friend Colleen McCann just completed a book, which is coming out in November so stay tuned. It’s called CRYSTAL RX: Daily Rituals for Cultivating Calm, Achieving your Goals and Rocking Your Inner Gem Boss, and you can check out her site She does readings and crystal prescriptions for people based on their needs. She’s the in-house Shaman at Goop and has been written up in Vogue, W and so many magazines. She also writes about crystals for Time magazine. She’s incredible and my go-to person.


If someone had to choose just one crystal, which one would you recommend and why?
Rose Quartz. It is the quintessential stone of love and I think that love is the most integral thing to our lives.


Do you have a favorite Gem-Water bottle at the moment?
I switch out a lot, but I’m drinking from my five elements gem-water bottle at the moment. I always have my diamond vial in my era decanter on my kitchen counter and it is the first thing I drink every morning.


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